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Shopware Academy for Frontend Development

For upcoming Shopware juniors or experienced seniors

All essential topics for Shopware frontend - from basics to advanced

A complete training program for newcomers

Goal: To prepare juniors for Shopware in a short time

Yireo regularly organizes the Yireo Academy for Magento and Shopware developers together with various agencies. A topic is discussed per week, to which the agency can register. It's more than a course: There are intake conversations, evaluations, tests, videos, chat support. In short, a complete guidance to achieve the goal as well as possible.

Note that our academies are in-depth and offer a wealth of information. Often, it turns out that an academy is not just for newcomers, but could be productive for existing developers as well. Checkout our topics and take your pick!

In the middle of the community

Yireo is the right party to make an academy like this possible. In the past, experience has been gained with hosting, projects, extension development and much more. Yireo has been leading the way as a Magento and Shopware trainer (within the Netherlands and Europe) for many years. We've organized MageUnconference NL, MageTestFest and Reacticon. With our technical know-how & with our position in the community, you will get the best trainer in the market.

Interested in participating in this Yireo Academy?

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Global planning

From Jan 22, 2024 - Feb 9, 2024 we are running at full speed with the academy. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we try to keep to a tight schedule, which you can find below.

Warming up period

  until Thursday, January 18, 2024

  • Agreements between agency and Yireo
  • Choice of subjects and setup
  • Finding candidates

Last preparations


  • Intake calls with attendee
  • First self-study steps
  • Setup of infrastructure

Shopware devops

  Monday, January 22, 2024 - Friday, January 26, 2024

  • Working with the Shopware Admin Panel
  • Handling Shopware plugins
  • MySQL, Redis, ES via Docker
  • Shopware installation
  • Setting up your development tools
  • Composer plugins and Flex

Shopware Frontend Fundamentals

  Monday, January 29, 2024 - Friday, February 2, 2024

  • Theme setup
  • Twig including Twig extensions
  • SASS modifications
  • JavaScript plugins
  • Icons and assets

Shopware Advanced Frontending

  Monday, February 5, 2024 - Friday, February 9, 2024

  • JavaScript plugins
  • Webpack internals
  • Performance tuning
  • Shopware Apps
  • Shopware PWA & Shopware Frontends
Jisse Reitsma

The teacher: Jisse Reitsma

All course days have Jisse as a teacher. Jisse is the founder of Yireo, trainer and author. Jisse has already earned his stripes with Magento, but has only been active with Shopware since 2019. Together with Shopware, he developed a video series in 2020 to introduce Magento developers to Shopware. In addition, he also set up the official training material of Shopware together with Rico Neitzel.


  • 2 course days per week at Yireo location
  • Q&A calls and extra lessons via Zoom
  • Support and chitchat via Discord chat channel
  • Intake interviews and interim evaluations
  • Access to all Yireo On-Demand videos (90+ hours)
  • Hands-on assignments via a GitHub repository


  • First 2 days of the week physically on location
  • Other weekdays self-study and practical assignments
  • Option for all weeks or to cherry-pick specific weeks only
  • Together in a class of 4 to 12 students


1 seat, only a few weeks€ 425 per day per seat
1 seat, all weeks€ 375 per day per seat
multiple seats, all weeks€ 325 per day per seat

At the Yireo Academy

Address: -1.16B souterrain | Amalialaan 126D | 3743 KJ Baarn


Central in the Netherlands, easy to reach

The academy takes place at Amalialaan 126D (room -1.16B in the basement / souterrain), 3743 KJ Baarn. The location is easy to reach by car. There are plenty of free parking spaces. The property is also a 2-minute walk from Baarn train station, which is a 7-minute one-way ride from Amersfoort, a beautiful historic city with plenty of entertainment for the evening.

There are plenty of options to stay in Amersfoort, such as the NH Hotel and Mercure Hotel - both within walking distance of Amersfoort Central train station. Baarn only has a handful of B&B options, so our preference is for Amersfoort.

More about our office

Frequently asked questions

The course days take place somewhere in Baarn (province of Utrecht, the Netherlands). The idea is that all participants are actually physically present during the course days (and those are 2 days a week - Monday and Tuesday). Where the student is in the other 3 days is up to the agency and the student: Maybe at the office, maybe at home - it's freely fillable.

The concept of the academy is that there are 2 teaching days a week, but that the other 3 days are filled with self-study. The study load is therefore in principle 5 days. Whether those full 5 days are necessary depends on the existing knowledge of the participant.

A participant is expected to be familiar with IT in general (computer hardware, networking, browser tools, HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript, basic PHP). In week 1 and week 2, that required basis is expanded with teaching material about PHP Advanced and JavaScript Advanced. If a participant already has knowledge of JavaScript and PHP, it can be examined during the intake which topics can be skipped.

While the main focus is to organize the academy for newcomers, that are able to follow the program from one end to another, it turns out that many of the topics are so in-depth that they become useful to senior developers as well. For each course, we maintain an in-depth topic list that can be found here on these pages. Check them out and let us know if you have any questions.

Every course signup is tailor-made. It does not make sense to have a student attend one specific week, when nothing is to be gained. On the other hand, our prices are so low, so that it becomes quite feasible to attend one week even though the knowledge might already be in place. Anyway, each signup is a custom process. Do you want to attend specific weeks? Let's make that possible. Note that the price for per-week signups are slightly higher than full-academy pricing.

Yes. The system requirements for the laptop must be such that a local stack of Magento (native or via Docker), Zoom and PHPStorm can be run together without any problems (for example, at least 16Gb RAM and an M.2 SSD drive).

When choosing the operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux), it is important to know whether the setup is in line with the agency's working method. For example, do you only use Macs? Is Windows with Ubuntu within the WSL an option? Do you use Warden, Mark Shust's thing or Valet Plus? Together we look at which setup is most convenient for your participant.

Of course participants are needed for the academy. We prefer to leave the finding of participants to you: An employee will eventually end up on your payroll. And then it is useful that there has been a match between you and the participant for a long time. Preferably even a contract. The Yireo Academy can be regarded as a traineeship in this way. Some agencies therefore choose to find the candidates themselves - via educational institutions, via recruiters, via advertisements in regional media, via via.

Yireo can also help with the search: We actually take the position of the recruiter. For this we are tapping into contacts with universities of applied sciences, other trainers, recruiters and more. But there is no guarantee that this will yield results - after all, Yireo is an educator par excellence, not a recruiter. An intermediate solution is to use Yireo as a buffer with recruiters - Curated Recruiting. New candidates are then not checked for knowledge by the recruiter, but by Yireo. The search for the recruiter is then simple: Find a junior PHP developer and contact Yireo for review. If you are interested in this, it is most convenient that we call about this.

Several times a year, the Dutch government makes a STAP budget available to private individuals or the self-employed to follow courses. That sounds nice, but there are a lot of caveats to be made in practice. The budget is often given away within a day, especially through large trainers who manage to be at the front of the queue. And the requirements for a party like Yireo are extremely high to be regarded as an official trainer: In the past, for example, there was a requirement that there should be a complaints committee of at least three people in addition to the teacher, which is impossible for a one-man business like Yireo. . In short, the STAP budget is currently only a sales tool for large educators and not for Yireo.

A collaboration between trainer and agencies

The Yireo Academy trajectory is more than an ordinary course. And Yireo is more than an ordinary trainer. We stand for quality. And only by working together openly can we ensure joint success.

Here's a selection of the agencies we've helped in the past