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Shopware Academy in June

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We have trained numerous developers in Magento and Shopware already. But there is need for more quality and more depth. Because of this, in June 2023, we are organizing a Shopware Academy in Baarn, The Netherlands, to onboard newcomers and existing devs in 4 weeks.


July 13th & 14th - Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Magento 2 Development Trainings

We have trained more than 350 developers in Magento 2 since its stable release in November 2015: Either for Magento 1 developers that cross over to Magento 2, or fresh PHP programmers that are new to Magento 2. With our didactics you can be sure that concepts like Dependency Injection and code generation are explained well, while also giving you the practical input to get started quickly.

Select your own Magento frontend stack

and kickstart your learning curve

Magento has changed over the years (Mage-OS, Adobe Commerce and/or Magento Open Source). You no longer deal with a monolithic system. Instead you need to make a choice regarding the frontend stack that you prefer: Magento has multiple frontends right now. And Yireo is here to guide you with any of them.

Hyvä Themes & Admin

Modern frontend based on TailwindCSS, AlpineJS and some Hyvä

For Magento developers

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Magento Luma & Blank

Luma, Blank or Snowdog themes based on XML layout and PHTML

For Magento developers

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Adobe PWA Studio

React storefront based on the GraphQL API, including Peregrine and Venia

For React developers

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Vue Storefront and NextJS

Vue-based PWA with Storefront stack for both Magento and Shopware

For Vue developers

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